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“Galdan”metal composite panels
for agricultural and livestock applications


These thermal insulation panels are ideal for lining the walls,
ceilings and roofs of agricultural and livestock sheds.
They can be cut to size to keep materials losses to minimum,
and are designed to be quick and easy install.

Galdan is a composite thermal insulation/steel-sheet panel developed for the roofs, ceilings and walls of agriculture and livestock facilities. Rigid polyurethane foam with excellent thermal insulation performance is used as the core material. The external wall material, thermal insulation material, and internal material are combined into one, making for an effective exterior thermal insulation installation method. Galdan is designed to be quick and easy to install, repair and change.

Strong point
  • ·Excellent insulation performance and airtightness.
  • ·Eco-friendly, fluorocarbon-free thermal insulation material as the core material.
  • ·GI (single-sided metal sheet) and GII (double-sided metal sheet) types. GII is washable, keeping the interior of the facility hygienic.
  • ·Lightweight and robust.
  • ·Custom-cut for each facility, substantially reducing material loss.

Small corrugation


A building applied Galdan


All pictures are GII.

Part names and parts Galdan applied
Part names and parts Galdan applied
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